How would an ideal world look like?

Our vision

A society in which caretech is universal and ubiquitous, and where caregiving receives the social-standing it deserves.

How do we achieve our vision?

Our Mission

We support the care-ecosystem to communicate digitally and directly, building more personal, trust-based relationships.

myo is proud to support providers and staff at the frontline of care. That’s because we believe passionately that everyone in our society deserves dignity and joy in this delicate phase of their life. It’s this vision that drives us forward as a company and is at the heart of all we do. We’re dedicated to bringing visibility to the tireless work of those who deliver care, and are committed to offering families one-on-one contact with those caring for their loved-ones.

We are proud to have partnered with care providers across the UK, US, Germany, and Switzerland.

myo is shaping the path to a fully-integrated digital care system

Alongside our own wide-ranging expertise in care and digitisation, myo is backed by two of the largest healthcare providers in Germany, AGAPLESION and carpe diem, benefitting from the expertise of more than a hundred care facilities and hospitals.

We are consistently inspired by the dedication and joy with which care professionals pursue their profession. Loving and personal, they strive daily to provide their residents with a dignified and joyful life.

Despite this, it’s troubling to still witness relatives plagued by the physical – and often geographical – that keeps them from their loved-ones. This emotional burden and added practical complications can weigh heavily on individuals and families.

Much of this strain can be eased by speedy and direct communication with the carers who are with your loved-ones day-in-day-out. This is where myo comes in, breaking down the traditional barriers of communication between the care home and the outside world.

We have three core goals: providing care providers with targeted support; giving relatives greater transparency into the life of their loved-one; and bringing a renewed appreciation back to the vital work of caregivers.

With myo, we are proud that our software makes the work of employees easier, creating more space for joy, dedication and togetherness.

Our team