Your data security
is our highest


We meet essential legal security
standards, as well as having been
audited and certificated by
international independent bodies.

In addition to the existing guidelines and data protection responsibilities set out by General Data Protection Regulation (2018), we have taken additional protective measures to ensure our product is tested and certified by international, independent bodies. This enables us to give our users a product that is as safe as possible, delivering optimal service and usage.

Our systems are ISO 27001 compliant – the international standard for information security management systems. All operational processes have been audited and approved by TÜV Süd according to international standards.

For optimal transparency and control, our entire operation is delivered through a local server in Germany. Our cloud service provider AWS has its servers in Frankfurt am Main.

Privacy – Your content is safe with myo. Only those invited members within your family can see posts received and comments sent on the app.

Data economy – Our software is based on the principle of data economy, setting clear guidelines to ensure that we’re only saving the data which is essential to the app running as it should.

Data processor – We are a service for data processing. This means that we can never view or pass on the data. The user remains the owner of the data at all times. We only step in to get the data from A to B.