Here you will find all answers to frequently asked questions, user manuals and further information about our service.


Registration & Login

What is required for me use the myo app?

RELATIVES/CAREGIVERS: To use myo, you only need an email address and a smartphone/tablet. We support both iOS (iPhone) and Android devices (including Samsung, Huawei etc.). myo is easy to use, no matter your level of experience with smartphones.

How do I install the myo app?

RELATIVES/CAREGIVER: To download the myo App, open the Google PlayStore for Android or the App Store for iOS. Search for ‘myo’ or ‘myosotis’ and you’ll see the instantly recognisable logo. Select ‘Download’. After successfully downloading the App, you can open it by tapping on the app icon.  To register with myo please follow the steps in the following question ‘How do I create a myo account?’. 

How do I create a myo account?

RELATIVES/CAREGIVERS: In order to register with myo, you need to let your associated care home operator know your email address. You will then receive an email with the subject ‘Hello from myo’. When you click on ‘Get started’ in the email, you will be directed to the login page. First, you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Next, you select a suitable password, which must consist of at least six characters, including one uppercase and one lowercase letter, a special character and a number. After completing this step, the app asks you to fill in your Personal Profile. Now you can start using the app! (Note: You can find a  more detailed version of this process in the myo Manual for Relatives.)

What do I do after receiving the invitation mail?

RELATIVES: Once you have received the invitation email with the subject ‘Hello from myo’, open the email on your smartphone or computer. Click on ‘Get started’. 

Smartphone/tablet: You will then be automatically directed to the myo app to give consent, create your password and edit your profile. Note that the password must consist of at least 6 characters.
Desktop: You will be directed to another page and asked to create a password. The password must consist of at least 6 characters. By clicking on ‘Register’ you automatically give consent. To start using myo, open the app on your smartphone and log in with your email address and newly created password.

I’ve forgotten my password. What do I do now?

It’s simply to create a new password for your myo account, should you have forgotten it. Simply open the myo app, enter your email address, tap ‘Next’ and then ‘Forgot your password?’. Enter in your email address again and tap ‘Send email’ to receive an email which will guide you through creating a new password. 

Open the email you received to reset your password. Click on ‘Reset password’ in the email. You will now be directed to the app (when opened on smartphone) or to another page (when opened on computer) where you can create a new password. The password must consist of at least 6 characters. Click on ‘Confirm’ to complete the process. 

How do I login/logout of myo?

Login: To log in to your myo account, open the app. Enter your email address and ‘Next’. Then enter your password and tap ‘Log in’.
Log out: To log out, click on ‘Settings’ in the bottom right-hand corner of your home screen in the app. Tap ‘Log Out’ written in red and confirm in the following screen to exit the app.

How do I gain and give consent for residents to join the app?

CAREGIVERS: Provided the resident has mental capacity, they can sign the myo consent for themself. However, it is also acceptable for this to be signed by the Power of Attorney on behalf of the resident or directly in the app. When the care home invites the relative who has Power of Attorney to use the app, they will be asked to provide consent when creating an account. The care home must now state which relative has Power of Attorney in the authorisation process.
RELATIVES: In the app it is a mandatory step to give consent before you can create a password and use myo.


How do I edit my own profile and that of the resident?

RELATIVES/CAREGIVERS: To edit contact information on your Personal Profile, tap ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the screen and then ‘Edit profile’. You can change your photo, Names and relationship to the resident.
As a relative you can also edit the resident’s profile. To do so tap ‘People’ at the bottom of your home screen. Then tap on the resident’s name to view their profile. Next, tap ‘Edit’ in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to change the profile photo or the names of the resident.

How do I invite additional relatives to the myo app?

Relatives can independently invite additional relatives to the myo app.
RELATIVES: In the app, tap ‘People’ at the bottom of the screen and then tap ‘Invite’. Now enter your relative’s first name, surname and email address and click ‘Send’. Your relative will now receive an invitation email and can register with myo.

What happens if I change my email address?

RELATIVES/CAREGIVER: Your profile in the myo app is connected to your initial email address. The email address is used to ensure that your account is linked to the correct care home. Changing your email address requires your account to be deleted and a new account to be created. This process only takes a few minutes and can be carried out by an operator at your care home.

What happens if I no longer use the smartphone that has the myo app installed?

RELATIVES/CAREGIVERS: Should you be using a new or a different smartphone, your account information will not be lost. All of your information is tied to the app and saved within our secure cloud service. Once you have downloaded the myo app on your new smartphone, simply log in with your login details and continue to use myo as usual – all data is retained.

What happens to the profile and data of the resident in the event of death?

In the event of the death of a resident, the resident’s profile, that of its relatives and all personal content and data can be deleted by the care home manager. The data will then be irrevocably deleted.

How do I update the myo app when there is a new version of the app?

We are continuously working on improvements of the myo app to ensure that user feedback is an essential part of our future development. For this reason, we may release a new version of the myo app from time to time.

If your smartphone does not update automatically, you will receive an app notification as soon as a new version is available and will be directed to your App Store to update the myo app. You can then use the updated version of the myo app as per usual.

How do I delete my myo account?

RELATIVES: If you wish to delete your account, simply contact your care facility to have your profile irrevocably deleted.



How do I create a post in the myo app?

Posts can only be created by caregivers, not by relatives. However, relatives are welcome to comment on these posts. 

CAREGIVERS: To create a new post, just tap the blue ‘+ POST’ button in the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen in the myo app. You can choose between uploading a new photo or video (‘Camera’), an old photo/video (‘Library’) or recording a voice message (‘Audio’). To add a text message to your post simply tap the ‘Write text’ field at the top of the screen. You can also send a text message without attached media.

Next, you can select the recipient(s) of your posts. Tap on the empty box to the right of the resident’s name. Of course, you can select more than one resident or use the ‘All Residents’ bar to select all residents at once. Now click ‘Publish post’ in the upper right-hand corner to send the post. All relatives of the selected residents will receive this and be able to comment on the post.
(Note: You can find a more detailed version of this process in the myo Manual for Caregivers.)

How do I create a comment?

RELATIVES/CAREGIVERS: To reply to photos, videos, text/voice messages or other comments, tap on the post that you want to reply to. Then tap ‘Add comment’ at the bottom of the screen. Enter your comment and tap the blue arrow to send your comment.

For quick response on a post, simply tap on the small thumb to automatically insert it into the text box. 

How do I send an internal post? / How do I send a post to my team only?

CAREGIVERS: Besides sending posts to relatives, you can also send them to your colleagues only. To do so, simply follow the instructions in ‘How do I create a post in the myo app?’. Instead of selecting residents from the recipient options you can tap the grey control button next to ‘Internal post’. Once you tap ‘Publish post’ your post will then be sent to all of your colleagues who also use myo.

How do I edit or delete a post that has been uploaded already?

CAREGIVERS: You may edit a post by tapping on the respective post and then tapping ‘Edit’ in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This may be useful for typos or in case you accidentally sent the post to the wrong resident.
It is not possible to delete a post in the myo app, only in the myo web. Should you need to delete a post, please approach the ‘head of unit’ or the ‘care home manager’.

How do I edit or delete a comment?

A comment that has been sent already cannot be edited or subsequently deleted.

Can I save posts from the myo app on my device?

RELATIVES: Content created in the app is not stored on the phone and cannot be downloaded from the app. This serves to ensure data protection and prevents third parties from having insight into the content of the myo app.

Should you wish for additional relatives to be able to view posts in the app, you can add them in your account as a relative. Please follow the steps in ‘How do I invite additional relatives to the myo app?’, accordingly. (Note: You can find a more detailed version of this process in the myo Manual for Caregivers.)

How much time does myo add to the caregivers’ workload?

myo is not intended to create extra work for the care home staff. It is not meant to be a chat room for constant interaction, but rather a way to make caregiving more transparent through a small number of posts per week. Relatives receive more regular insights into the everyday life of their loved-one. It is at the employees’ discretion to determine the frequency and timing of the posts. The immediate care needs must always be a top priority, of course.

Are the residents represented with dignity and respect in myo?

It’s of the utmost importance to caregivers to represent the residents in a dignified manner. Where possible, they dialogue continuously with residents they care for to respect the wishes of the type of content that their families would like to receive.


Data protection & Safety

Is my data safe and secure?

Data protection is one of myo’s highest priorities. myo solely handles photos, videos, text and voice messages in order to service the app. We handle data according to the specifications of the respective care home and not in our own interests.

We have been audited by ePrivacy who certified that our  GDPR compliance achieves the highest security level. We have also been awarded the ISO 27001 seal by TÜV Süd, the international standard for information security management systems.

Does myo comply with the current General Data Protection Regulation?

Yes. From the very beginning myo was designed to comply with the GDPR 2016/679. The GDPR requires us to take full responsibility for the data we acquire. To make our system even more secure we have built it in a way, that we are solely a date processor. At myo, we welcome the strict regulations and continuously strive to comply with these European data protection standards. Data protection compliance is a top priority for myo.

Who has access to my data?

Your data is visible only to you, your family and the respective caregivers. myo is simply the so-called ‘data-processor’ in this chain. This means that we handle all of the data according to the specifications of the respective care home and not in our own interests.  The data is 100% secure, inaccessible to third parties, and the right of ownership remains with the user. We use your data only to manage the service between you and the care home. At myo, there is no misuse of your data for advertisement. 

Where are the servers of myo located?

All servers of myo are located in Germany, in Frankfurt am Main.

myo Web (for caregivers)

What is the myo web?

Next to the myo app, heads of unit and care home managers have access to the administration tool ‘myo web’. The myo web allows the care home manager to administrate the myo app by creating or deleting profiles. The myo web also supports the care home manager in ensuring high quality exchange with relatives. More specifically, with the myo web the management has an overview of the content of the app and can approve or reject posts before sending them. Thus, the myo web is an additional support system for employees.

How does login/logout work in the myo web?

Login: To log in to the myo web, open the website app.myo.de/en/login and enter your email address and password. Then select your care home from the drop-down menu to access the myo web for your institution.
Log out: To log out of the myo web, tap ‘Log out’ in the left-hand side of the screen and then ‘Log out’ again.

How do I add residents/relatives and employees to the app?

Add resident & relative: In the myo web, go to the resident overview by clicking on the tab on the left-hand side of the screen labelled ‘Residents’. Now, simply click ‘Add Resident’. Enter the first and last name of the resident. Next, select the care home and the unit where the resident is currently living. After clicking ‘Next’ you will be asked to add an additional relative. Enter the first and last name and email address of the resident. Also indicate whether this relative is the legal guardian of the resident by switching the control button. Once you’ve clicked ‘Next’, the relative will receive an invitation email. Registered relatives can invite further relatives themselves.
Add employee: In the myo web, go to the employee overview by clicking on the ‘Employees’ tab on the left-hand side of the screen. Next, click ‘Add employee’. Now enter the first and last name, email address and role of the employee. The role determines which access rights the employee has. Anyone with the position ‘Caregiver’ can use the myo app, allowing them to create, send and comment on posts in the app. As a ‘Head of unit’, you can manage the myo web as well as use the myo app to its full extent. The ‘Care home manager’ has access to the myo web but not to the app. Finally, select the care home and unit click ‘Confirm’.

How do I delete a user in the myo web?

Delete employees or residents: You can delete residents’ and employees’ profiles via their profile overview. To do so, click on the name and then click ‘Delete’ written in red. Confirm your decision by clicking ‘Confirm’ if you want to delete the profile completely. The employee or all connected relatives to a deleted resident’s profile will no longer be able to log in to the myo app.

Delete relatives: To delete a relative’s profile go to the connected resident’s profile overview by clicking on ‘Residents’ on the left-hand side of the screen and then on the resident’s name. To delete the relative click on the small minus symbol in the box with the respective relative’s details. Confirm your decision by clicking ‘Confirm’ if you want to delete the profile completely. 

How do I approve or reject a post in the myo web?

If posts for the myo app are pending for release, these posts will be displayed on the home page in the myo web. There, you can directly approve (“✓”) or reject (“x”) the pending posts.

Alternatively, you can click ‘Posts’ on the left-hand side of the screen. Here you have an overview of all posts sent in the app (pending or not) and can approve (“✓”) or reject (“x”) them. You can also subsequently reject posts that have already been approved and sent to relatives. Rejecting a post that has already been sent will remove it from the app. However, you will still be able to view the post in the myo web.



We will provide you with a manual for using the myo app. You will find all essential information on how to use myo here.

Download the manual here.


We will provide you with a manual for using the myo app. You will find all essential information on how to use myo here.

Download the myo app manual here.

Download the myo web manual here.

Should you have any further questions or issues with the myo app please do not hesitate to contact us on: support@myo-care.co.uk.